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Ben Jenkinson
Kettering / Leicester / Nottingham England, UK

About Me

I am a Computer Science graduate of the University of Nottingham seeking a graduate position in software development or web development. I have a passion for good user experience design and human computer interaction.

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C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, & VBScript. I have also had some experience with the Django framework, XML & XSLT.

I can use Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and all the other usual applications and IDEs; from Microsoft's Visual Studio to JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA.

Work Experience

Year in Industry at Microlise Ltd. (2010-2011)

I participated in the Year in Industry scheme (YINI) and received a placement as a Software Developer. During my year with the company I started by writing and implementing automated testing scripts for existing products and then progressed to building a software release management system for internal use in C# & ASP.NET. I then oversaw the rollout to developers and was responsible for fixing any bugs that occurred.


I spent my secondary school years at Brooke Weston City Technology College, a school that actively encouraged the use of IT in every possible area; because of this, I achieved a GNVQ Distinction in ICT two years earlier than the national average.

I attended a two-week work placement at East Northamptonshire County Council in their IT department. Duties involved solving any IT related problem that arose, managing several hundred workstations across the entire building. While I was there, part of my time was spent creating a proposal for a visual redesign of their intranet, used for public announcements and file-sharing.

In my last year of 6th Form (2005), I designed and produced the school Yearbook. This involved everything from collecting student commentary & photos, designing the layout of each page, type-setting and proof-reading and then liaising with the printers by phone. The experience taught me about planning and meeting deadlines. Over 100 copies of the book were sold and I feel very proud of the finished product.


Computer Science BSc at the University of Nottingham (2008-present)

During my degree I took many different modules covering computer architecture, development and mathematical theory. For the full list of my modules, visit my reference site.

4 A-Levels from Brooke Weston City Technology College (2006-2008)

11 GCSEs from Brooke Weston City Technology College (2001-2006)

I also possess a Distinction level GNVQ qualification in ICT, which is equivalent to 4 GCSEs at grades A* to C, alongside 10 UCAS points from an Open University module on Astrophysics, and an introductory course on Mandarin Chinese.


Designer & Developer at (Sept 2010 - July 2012)

From 2010, I have been the sole developer of the website for Nottingham University Television Station (NUTS). As a Student-Run Service of the University, NUTS provide original drama, entertainment shows and live coverage of important University events. I built the entire site in PHP to allow live streaming and an archive of their past shows.

NaSTA Awards & Conference 2012 Design & Development (2012)

NaSTA Awards and Conference 2012 Website Website Design & Development (2010)

Nottingham University Television Station (NUTS) Website

Designer & Developer at (2002 - 2008)

I was the designer for multiple sites & complex web applications from under the domain. Projects have ranged from text-based MORPGs, content portals for Flash games, forums, blogs and a couple of proprietary CMSs to power them. I've made websites to advertise bands, solicitors and gaming guilds, each of which was carefully designed around their needs. Design, XHTML, CSS & CMS (2002 onwards)

Screenshot of v6Screenshot of v5Screenshot of v5

Garners Solicitors Design, XHTML & CSS (2008)

Screenshot of Garners Solicitors

Certificate for Chinese Course Print Design (2008)

Certificate for Chinese Course

World of Warcraft Guild Forum Design, XHTML & CSS (2008)

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Guild Forum for DreamcatcherScreenshot of World of Warcraft Guild Forum for Dreamcatcher

World of Warcraft Raid Tracker Design, XHTML & CSS (2008)

Screenshot of World of Warcraft Raid TrackerScreenshot of World of Warcraft Raid Tracker

Coconut CMS Design, XHTML & CSS (2007)

Screenshot of Coconut CMSScreenshot of Coconut CMSScreenshot of Coconut CMS

Morbid-Martian Design, XHTML, CSS & CMS using XSLT (2007)

Screenshot of Morbid-MartianScreenshot of Morbid-Martian

EUNICE Design Concept (2006)

Screenshot of EUNICE

Celeste Template for Shopify e-Commerce System (2006)

Screenshot of Celeste

Silverlode Design (2005)

Screenshot of SilverlodeScreenshot of Silverlode

Oblivion Knights Design (2005)

Screenshot of Oblivion Knights

Conquest MORPG Design (2005)

Screenshot of Conquest

Career Plans

I am always enthusiastic about expanding my knowledge and I look forward to the experience of working for an established company. I've come to realise that the worlds of academia and the workplace are extremely different, and I am eager to work on more practical projects. I've got a wide understanding of many different computing fields, and I'm always enthusiastic and eager to learn.

I have a passion for design, and I take great satisfaction in designing effective and attractive user interfaces for software and websites; interfaces that improve the user experience and make their tasks easier.

Get in touch

I'm actively seeking a graduate position in software development or web development. If you'd like me to work for you, please do get in touch.